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Domestic and Commercial Skip Hire – What is the Difference?

By 10 February 2022October 13th, 2022No Comments
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Domestic and Commercial Skip Hire – What is the Difference?

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Waste management is a big thing and it’s important that we all do the right thing when it comes to removing waste from our homes or our business premises. Ideally, we all want a service that enables us to remove waste easily, in a cleaner way and hygienically. Therefore, the aim is to ensure that waste removal does not interfere with the surroundings of our home or business.

Domestic Skips – What Are They?

Whether you are carrying out a large garden clearance, renovating a property or replacing a kitchen, you are likely to need a skip. This will enable you to remove your waste with ease. The good news is that domestic skips come in various sizes which means that they also come at different prices. You can opt for a mini skip which is 4-6 yards, a medium skip which is 8 yards and large skips which is 10-14 yards. So, before you hire your skip, you should make sure that you get a rough idea of the amount of waste you will be getting rid of.

Commercial Skips – What Are They?

These are also known as maxi skips and have a size of 8 to 16 cubic yards. They also come with roll on and roll off features that enhance convenience. The larger skips can also be 20 to 30 cubic yards in size. These are often used during construction jobs, removing walls or structures as well as demolition projects. They are suitable for large projects such as moving offices or even carrying out large renovation jobs in larger properties but they help to ensure that you can stay organised and tidy.

What Are The Benefits?

There are many benefits that come with skips but they will enable you to get rid of many waste bags at the same time while you can throw away certain items that you cannot take to your recycling centre. They make it possible to clean up your home and remove waste quickly while also clearing large volumes of wood, plaster and debris. Commercial skips are ideal for removing building materials including the likes of concrete, clay and bricks.

So, when it comes to hiring a skip, it makes perfect sense to make sure that you understand what the different types of skips are.