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We are committed to providing the best service to our customers, we think to do that we should answer all of your common questions regarding skip hire and waste restrictions. If you have any queries that have not been resolved on this page, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 320 2110. We are happy to help.

General Questions

What can I put in a skip?

General and garden waste are both accepted, these include a mixture of general household waste, building rubbish, woods, metals and garden waste. Please be aware there may be a restriction on the amount of soil we can collect due to the weight of the skip. Some of the common waste restrictions include no mattresses, electronic items, fridge/freezers, sofas or upholstered chairs/furniture (added Jan 23 due to Government restrictions) tyres or plasterboard. For a full list of items that aren’t permitted please visit our Waste Restrictions Page. We also offer different types of skips such as plasterboard only, glass only, wood only, metal only and more.

When is a skip too full?

Skips are designed to only be filled to a level height, this means your waste must not be higher than the sides of the skip. Anything above that will not be collected and will incur a wasted journey charge as it is unsafe for it to be loaded onto the truck. If you’re unsure about these restrictions please contact us and we will clear any issues up for you. Furthermore, if you are undecided between two sizes, we advise choosing the bigger size as it is much easier than exchanging from a smaller skip.

What size skip do I need?

The size skip you need will depend on what you will be using it for, we can only advise you on approximately how many black bin bags would fit in each skip. It is better to go for a bigger size if you are unsure on how much waste you have, in order to save yourself the hassle of having to exchange your skip. Please be advised that if your waste is mainly soil, rubble or any other heavy material, the maximum weight is 6 yards. For a more in depth guide please take a look at our skip size guide.


How long can I keep a skip?

Depending on your location, you can have your skip for up to 4 weeks, if you require it for a longer period of time you can request this by calling our customer services. When checking prices or booking, it will display under each skip size, the max hire period included in the price. If you require longer, just give us a call either before ordering or at least a full working day in advance and we’ll discuss your options to extend the hire.

Where can I keep a skip?

You are able to keep a skip on the majority of off-road locations such as a driveway, providing you have the landowner’s permission and there is sufficient access. If you are planning on using the road, we will need to obtain a permit on your behalf.

How quickly can I get a skip delivered?

Here at Reliable Skip we offer next day delivery as standard (subject to availability) and we can also offer same day delivery in some circumstances – just give us a call if you need a skip urgently.

Do I have to be in for delivery?

No, we can deliver your skip to the drop-off location without anybody present. It’s always advisable to add some delivery notes when placing your order if you’d like the skip to be dropped in a specific position. If you’re not going to be in, be sure to keep your phone handy incase there are any issues when the driver arrives.

Do I need a permit?

If the skip is going to be kept on a public road we will need to apply for a permit. This is applied for through your local council – the cost of the permit depends on your location and can take up to 5 days. Please bear this in mind when booking your skip.

How much space do I need to have a skip?

To have a skip delivered there will need to be 3 metre wide clearance, please make sure you have made sure of this before booking a skip with us. There should be no obstructions in the way such as walls or fences. Skip lorries are large vehicles and must be able to safely reverse into your property (with enough space to lever the skip off of the back).


Shall I tell you when my skip is full?

If your skip is full, you can request an early collection and we can do our best to arrange an earlier collection date. Early collections may take 3-5 working days to facilitate during busy periods, however once an early collection has been requested, please ensure from that moment that the skip is accessible at all times.

Do I need to be in for the collection?

You don’t need to be there for us to collect the skip, please ensure the skip is not too full or filled with items that aren’t accepted to ensure an easy collection.

Will you collect my skip if it's too full?

No, we will be unable to take your skip if it is overfilled or contains items that are not permitted. When overfilled, the skip is unsafe to load on the truck. If this happens, a  £85+VAT charge for the wasted journey will be added to your skip hire, on top of this you will then have to remove the prohibited items before we will attempt collection again. If restricted items are found in the skip after collection, a charge will be applied per item to dispose of. This can vary from £30+VAT or more for a mattress or up to £150+VAT for a single fridge or plasterboard contaminated waste.

Where will my waste go?

Once the skip is collected, your waste is sorted into categories. Valuables are sent to relevant facilities to be re-used, building materials, appliances & scrap metal is recycled, garden waste is also sent to the appropriate facility to be used for compost and finally, general waste goes to landfill or preferably, incineration. (refer to guide on website)


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards, online is the quickest and easiest method which also currently gives you a £20 discount. However, if you are having trouble online or just prefer it, you can also pay over the phone.