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Tips For A Smooth Skip Delivery

By 10 February 2022October 13th, 2022No Comments
Skip Ordering Tips

Key Tips to Follow When Having Your Skip Delivered

At Reliable Skip we want you to get the best service from our skip hire business, which is why we want to provide you with the best tips to make your delivery easy. Here you can find the information to do that, use these tips when you are booking on our site and when your delivery date is looming.

1. Decide Where The Skip Is Going

When you are looking at our available skips, you will have to decide where it will be placed. Our skips range from 4-12 yards and are available for 4 weeks. This can be extended if your require a longer time period, please call our customer service team on 0800 320 2110 if this applies to you. If you aren’t planning on using a driveway or private land, we will need to obtain a permit from your local council, the cost varies between locations. This takes approximately 5 days so please keep this in mind for when you are planning to hire a skip. The skip will need to be reversed in by the truck, it cannot be placed at an angle or rotated, please ensure the location is suitable for this. Lastly, you will need to check that there will be a 3 meter clearance distance for the skip to be delivered. Once these have been checked, you can go ahead and order.

2. Accommodate To Delivery Times

Our skips will be delivered during the hours of 7am to 6pm, please do your best to make sure someone is at the drop off location during these times. If that is not possible, don’t worry, we can still proceed with your delivery. Legally our drivers aren’t able to drive for more than 4.5 hours at a time, therefore, it could possibly affect the delivery time if the driver has to take a 45 minute break. Delivery usually takes between 10-30 minutes, this will depend on various factors including how accessible the site is and where you are located. Collection times are generally the same as delivery, there can be a delay with these if the skips are not loaded properly, follow our guide on this to make sure collection is as easy as possible too.

3. Protect your driveway

If your driveway is made out of soft tarmac there is a possibility of the skip or the truck causing damage to it. To prevent this you could place large pieces of wood or scaffolding planks in the position of where the skip is being placed. The trucks will put a large amount of pressure onto the surface to load the skip which could potentially damage a driveway. It would be beneficial to both parties if the location is cleared off before the skip is due to be delivered, i.e moving cars. If you have concerns surrounding any issues please contact us and ask for advice on protecting your property, however, please be advised we are unable to supply these items for you.

4. Plan Your Collection

When you are processing your online order you will be asked to choose a date for your skip to be collected. If you realise at a later date that this needs to be changed, you will need to contact us at least 1 working day before your collection date. If this is requirement is not met or you forget to let us know, there will be a wasted journey charge of £85+VAT. Please make sure you make a note of your chosen collection date to avoid any extra charges.


To summarise, the most important part of hiring your skip to make the delivery and collection as easy as possible, is the planning. Take some time before processing your order to make sure you have the room for a skip, protect the area when needed and keep track of your collection time to avoid being charged extra. We are happy to help with any queries you have in relation to your skip hire, just contact our friendly customer service team.