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Will My Driveway Be Right For a Skip?

Overfilled skip on customers drive in Stoke Gifford

One of the main questions that many people ask when hiring a skip is whether their driveway is suitable for one. Other than placing a skip on the road, your driveway offers convenience but many people ask the question because of the size of the skip but also the weight of it and the damage that could cause to your driveway.

So, if you need to hire a skip, there are some things that you will need to consider.

The Size of your Driveway

Skips come in many different sizes but so do driveways. So, you will need to consider both the size of the skip you require but also the size of your driveway. The majority of standard driveways can handle a skip but it pays to do your research first. The mini skip is smaller than a large skip and that means that the dimensions can differ. So, think about access, whether it will fit and any other problems it might cause.

Will it Cause Damage to My Driveway?

While every skip hire company will take as much care as possible to ensure no damage is caused to your driveway, it is definitely something that is worth considering. While drivers have experience of moving their lorries correctly in order to deliver a skip, there are some driveways that might not be suitable. As we know, driveways can be made using many different materials and there is a chance that they could become damaged. Therefore, it makes sense to ask your skip hire company when they arrive.

What About Block Paving?

If you have a block paved driveway then you are going to have concerns as you will want your driveway to continue looking its absolute best. However, the good news is that it is possible to have a skip delivered if you have block paving. To ensure this, make sure you check that your skip hire company will place the skip on planks (which you would need to supply) and what they can do to help minimise any damage by the actual vehicle. It doesn’t matter whether you have block paving or tarmac that can suffer from indentations after having heavy loads placed on them, it is possible to take necessary precautions to reduce these risks. 

You Can Always Have Your Skip Placed on the Road

Should you feel as though it is too much of a risk to have a skip placed on your driveway then you can always have it placed on the road. Whether you think that it might cause damage to your driveway or access might be difficult, it is possible to take advantage of his option. It is not just a case of dropping a skip onto the road in the same way as your driveway as a permit is required from the local council. With a permit in place, it is then possible to place the skip on the road between an agreed period of time.

So, a skip won’t always cause damage to your driveway but there is always a risk. However, by speaking with your skip hire company and taking the right precautions, you can avoid damage completely.