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Why Skips Are Ideal For Renovation Projects

By 5 July 2019October 13th, 2022No Comments
Large skip outside customer's home

Why Skips Are Ideal For Renovation Projects

Home renovation projects are demanding, and what seems like a small job often turns into a huge undertaking. Naturally, you want to find ways to make the job easier and safer. The first thing you should think about is hiring a skip. Not only do skips make waste management easier, but they also contribute to the environment. Here’s why skips are ideal for your renovation project.

More Space

Equipment, tools, and people are essential parts of a renovation project, but they often take up space. If you’re putting in a new kitchen or bathroom, you’ll need to remove the old one. It’s important to get rid of any waste and make sure you keep the work area clear. Hunting around for your tools will not make the job any easier, but leaving items around can cause accidents.

Depending on the project, there might be a lot of unsafe items. Pipes, electrical items and sharp wastage can be dangerous and companies need to adhere to health and safety regulations. In a crowded work environment accidents can happen, but by clearing out your debris, you can reduce the risks of trips and falls. Skips hold a lot of waste and save you multiple trips to the tip. Hiring a skip means you have an area for any debris, and you’ll finish the project quicker.

More Flexibility

Some people set a specific area for their waste, but often underestimate how much there will be! It’s annoying when you run out of space and have to make alternative arrangements. Skips come in a range of sizes, so you can find one to accommodate your needs. One of peoples concerns is that a skip will take up too much space, but 4-yard skips are ideal for smaller projects.

More Convenience

Renovation projects are time consuming and require a lot of hard work. When you’ve spent the day hammering, drilling and lifting heavy items, the last thing you want is to clear your rubbish. Unless you have access to a large van, you’ll end up making multiple trips to the tip which isn’t ideal. Hiring a skip means you’ll have a convenient place for all your waste and won’t need to travel anywhere. Hours of extra work or relaxing with a cold beer; it’s not a hard decision!

Protect The Environment

Landfill waste is a huge contributor to pollution and if we don’t decrease this waste, it can cause a potential overflow. Reliable Skip Hire is committed to recycling and we take our responsibility to the environment seriously. Landfills are busy places and sometimes recycling materials isn’t always possible, but hiring a skip means you don’t have to worry about pollution.

Our Managing Director, Billy Fowles from our Reliable Skip Hire Slough office states, “Waste removal is a necessary service for most individuals and businesses at some point in their lives – it’s important we take care to ensure that the environmental impact of skip hire is kept to an absolute minimum. For this reason, we always ensure that waste is recycled wherever possible in the most efficient way.”

Skips offer a convenient solution for waste management and make your home renovations project go smoothly. Whether you’re a professional or flexing your DIY skills, Reliable Skip Hire can help you. We offer a range of skip sizes and pride ourselves on offering value for money. You can check the latest prices and book online here.