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The Right Way to Dispose of a TV and other waste electrical items

By 13 May 2020October 13th, 2022No Comments
TVs That are Broken

The Right Way to Dispose of a TV and other electrical items

Ever wondered how to dispose of a TV? Televisions are some of the most prized possessions for most of us, but what happens when it breaks or you would like a new one? You need to get rid of the old one and we will teach you how to do it responsibly. Due to technology advancing faster than ever, more and more television models are being made, meaning more and more TV’s are being disposed of. 

Unfortunately, TVs are considered hazardous and cannot be disposed of at a landfill or via a skip. This means they normally need to be given away or taken to a specialist waste center. This all depends on whether the TV is in working condition or not. We give you tips on how to dispose of either. 

“Often consumers don’t understand the implications of putting electronic items into a skip and it can be a costly mistake. As a skip hire business, we have an obligation to ensure that electronic items such as TVs, Fridges etc are disposed of correctly.” – Paul Keen, Reliable Skip Hire Bristol.

If Your Television Works

If your TV is in perfect working condition there’s no need to break it and dispose of it. There are many different options on what to do with your working television but if you’re stuck here’s some tips.


One option is that you could always re-sell it to someone who wants it. If it’s in perfect working order, then there’s no reason why not to get some extra cash from it. You can do this on such websites places like eBay, Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace, and more. Often spare parts can be used to upcycle or repair other electronic equipment.

Store Exchange

In order to go more economically friendly, some tech companies now offer the chance to exchange your old tech to contribute to the price of your new tech. This also then allows them to recycle the old TV in the proper, responsible manner that it should be to avoid all harmful chemicals and safety hazards.


If perhaps you are feeling extra generous about your old TV then you could also donate it to someone in need of it. This could be for one of your friends or family that may need a TV. If not one of them, then there are always charities that would be perfectly willing to take it off your hands.

If Your Television if Broken

If you’re certain that your TV fits none of the criteria above, then you will need to dispose of it responsibly to avoid all safety risks. These are the options you have if this applies:

  • Calling Your Local Council: Most local councils will offer a collection service for larger items such as TVs. Although do bear in mind that some councils will have a waiting list for collection services and you could be waiting a will to rid of it. 
  • Local Recycling Centre: This is a good cost-effective solution. Not every centre will be willing to take TVs or such items like this so make sure to call before travelling all that way. But don’t give up hope of the closest one doesn’t do it, keep calling and you will eventually find a centre that’s more than happy to dispose of your TV in an environmentally friendly way.
  • WEEE Scheme – This is a scheme which allows for many electrical retailers to accept your old television or electronic items. Use the Recycle Now website to find a local retailer near you for more information.