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Skip Hire Permits and Regulations – Key Information

By 18 November 2021October 13th, 2022No Comments
Skip Hire Permit

Skip Hire Permits and Regulations – Key Information

If you don’t have space for a skip to be placed on your own private property, there is more to it than picking up the phone and arranging for a skip to be delivered. What this means is that you should be made aware of the relevant licenses, permits and regulations that might affect you. If you are unsure, then you can always speak with us as we are the experts and know all about the various details that come with hiring a skip.

Permits – What are they and when do you need one?

If you need to place your skip on a public road or parking space then you are going to need to obtain a skip permit from your local council. The permits are used to control the number of skips that are placed on public roads as they can become a hazard, take up space and can be inconvenient for people who live in the area. If you do not have a permit or your permit expires, this can land you a fine of over £1000. If your skip is placed on your own driveway or private land then you don’t need to worry about a permit. It’s important to note, if you wish to place the skip in a parking bay or parking area which is council or third party owned, a parking bay suspension license will also be required. This is similar to a permit, but is an additional cost (usually around the same price as the permit) and may take slightly longer to obtain.

How Do You Apply For a Skip Permit?

Applying for a permit is as simple as contacting your skip hire company. There is usually an administrative fee involved, however this is your only option. The permit must be applied for by the skip hire company and cannot be applied for by yourself as the person hiring the skip. If you require a permit for your skip, simply get in touch and we’ll provide you with a quote.

How Much Do Permits Cost?

The cost of a skip hire permit varies depending on your location, but the average cost of a permit is around £50 per week, excluding any admin fees. You’ll need to pay this to the skip hire company who is arranging it then it will be added to the cost of your skip hire. Some councils will offer slightly lower rates if you book multiple permit weeks in one go, instead of extending permits a week at a time.

The Rules of Skip Permits

When it comes to skip hire and permits, there are certain regulations that you will need to be made aware of:

  • Location – the skip must not block entryways or become an obstruction for passing traffic. If you’re looking to place the skip in a parking bay, if this is a council/third party owned bay, a parking bay suspension will also need to be applied for (additional cost).
  • Skip Dimensions – There might be limits in place for the size of the skip that you can place on public land, we’ll let you know when arranging a permit.
  • Colour – The skip needs to be highly visible so that it can be seen easily by traffic.
  • Take Care When Disposing of Waste – As the skip is located on public land, you will need to make sure that waste remains in the skip and that no waste is left on the road or pavement.
  • Markings and Lights – You will need to ensure that the skip has appropriate lighting and markings. Some of our depots supply these for an additional cost.
  • Duration – The skip can only be placed on public land for a certain period of time and cannot be left for longer than the permit expiry date.

So, when it comes to hiring a skip, if you are going to be placing it on public land you will need a permit; we’re here to help and are happy to discuss any questions you may have.