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Paper Recycling – Why it is Important for the Environment

By 4 August 2022October 13th, 2022No Comments
Small skip filled with waste in Portbury

When it comes to recycling, we do everything possible to make sure that we recycle as much waste as we can. The aim is to make sure that we prevent waste from going to landfill and we protect the environment at the same time. So, when you hire one of our skips, if you have a lot of paper to dispose of, it can help to understand why it is important that it is recycled.

Recycling Paper Reduces Deforestation 

We use a lot of paper on a daily basis around the world but that paper has to come from somewhere. Unfortunately, paper comes from trees and that has meant that huge areas of forests have been cleared and the impact of that is wide-reaching as it impacts wildlife and our environment.

However, when you recycle paper, you can help to reduce the destruction of forests and this will help to reduce the impact of climate change. As our forests help to absorb Co2, the more trees we cut down, the more Co2 that enters our atmosphere. So, by recycling paper, we are helping to prevent deforestation on a global scale.

Saves Energy

Manufacturing paper is extremely intensive when it comes to energy and that involves the machinery used to cut down trees right through to the factories where it is made. However, by recycling paper, you can help to reduce the amount of energy used by 50% and that alone is a great reason to dispose of paper the right way.

Reduce Waste

Waste is a real problem that is affecting the entire world. Landfills are overflowing with waste that cannot be recycled but there is also a lot of waste that can be recycled such as paper. There are mountains of rubbish piling up in many locations around the world and there is a lot of waste floating around the oceans and this is not great for our planet, our environment and our wildlife. So, as it currently stands, we need to make sure that we reduce waste by recycling what we can and this is the reason why we make sure that the paper you dispose of in our skips is recycled accordingly.

Paul Turner, Operations Manager of our Reading branch explains, “we’ve seen an increase in the last 12 months where customers are looking for skip hire in Reading in order to dispose of old paper documents, receipts and old cardboard boxes to make more space. We’d strongly advise ripping up any confidential information or tearing these pieces off to shred first.”

Go Green

It’s down to all of us to play a part in helping to protect our planet, so now is the right time to go green. When it comes to hiring your skip, why not attempt to find as much waste paper as possible and dispose of it the right way? Furthermore, if you are a business and in need of a skip, by disposing of paper the right way, you might find that you can cut down on costs while also taking advantage of many benefits that are available for businesses for going green and playing their role in recycling.

Recycling paper is really important and our aim is to make it as simple as possible because our skip hire is affordable and easily accessible.