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Is It Possible to Dispose of Glass in a Skip?

By 27 July 2022October 13th, 2022No Comments
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It might seem tempting to throw anything and everything into your skip after it arrives but there are some considerations to think about before you begin putting waste in your skip. This is because you should take some safety precautions when it comes to disposing of glass as this will protect our team that handles your skip and waste as well as you. If you have a lot of glass, then it might be worth contacting us beforehand to see what we recommend. However, we are going to cover the disposal of glass in this article and what actually happens to it once you have had your skip collected.

Why It’s Important to Only Dispose of Small Volumes of Glass

We all know and understand that glass can be dangerous which is why you should carefully place glass in your skip in small volumes. Large volumes of glass can be dangerous which is why things such as light bulbs and mirrors are fine to place in your skip but it is not recommended that you add a considerable volume of glass. Therefore, if you are unsure, you should getin touch with us to discuss this. We can provide our expert advice on what is acceptable and then help you to dispose of your glass safely.

Disposing of Glass in Your Skip

Glass that is kept whole is a lot safer than lots of broken pieces of glass or sharp shards as this is dangerous and this is why it is important to take the necessary steps to dispose of glass the right way.

What this means is that any small pieces of glass should be protected by wrapping them up and then putting them into a container or box prior to placing them in your skip. If you have broken glass in large pieces then this should be taped to something flat such as a board or a piece of cardboard. Finally, if you have mirrors or windows that are shattered or cracked but still have the glass in place, you should look to use tape to ensure the glass remains in place.

What Happens With Glass When You Dispose of it?

The good news is that we will do everything possible to recycle as much waste as possible. What this means is that any glass that you put in your skip will be recycled as the technology is readily available to make this possible. Our team will remove the glass from your skip and then send it to a waste treatment facility. After this, the glass is then collected and sorted based on its colour before being washed. Following this, glass is crushed and then melted before being reused in other products.

So, when it comes to disposing of glass, it is not always as simple as placing it in your skip and forgetting about it. With some forward-thinking, it is possible to dispose of glass safely while reducing the risk of injury or harm.