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How to Responsibly Dispose of Paint Tin Cans

By 14 July 2020October 13th, 2022No Comments
Tin Cans of Paint

How to Responsibly Dispose of Paint Tin Cans

Everyone will need to dispose of a paint tin can at least once in their lifetime, yet it seems a struggle to know what to do with them. Due to being classified in the hazardous waste group, we can’t just dispose of them like all normal waste. So in that case, they need to be disposed of in a special manner, and we will show you just what that is in this guide. It will answer all the questions you may have on how to recycle paint tins and also offer a few more tips on the matter. 

What to do with the Leftover Paint

So at this point in your house renovation, you’ve probably been overly resourceful and bought more paint than you needed. Not to worry because there are many options available when it comes to getting rid of your leftovers. These tips will prevent you from irresponsibly pouring the unused paint down the sink. 

Here are some responsible ways to rid of it.

Paint Cans Being Recycled

Recycle It

If the paint is completely unusable, and completely hardened then you’ll need to recycle it. Most recycling centre will take a paint tin can with hardened paint, just call them up first before to double-check. By recycling them you’ll be keeping all the those harmful chemicals out of landfill and be helping out the environment. 

Paint Cans Being Donated

Donate It

If there is still some usable paint left in the can you can donate it to someone. For example, family and friends might want some if they’re gonna start a DIY they might want to use your leftover paint. You could also contact your local charity or community group and see if they may need some paint. Your local community may also have some good recycling tips.

What Can You Do With The Empty Paint Tins?

You’ve got rid of all your paint which means you now need to get rid of the can. This needs to be done responsibly but we will also need to make sure it’s cost-effective. No matter if all the paint has been washed out of the tin, the actual tin itself is still labeled as hazardous and needs to be disposed of responsibly, not just in the recycling bin. This is to prevent all the chemicals that can be harmful ending up in landfill. 

Unfortunately, this is all the help we can provide with this matter because they can’t be placed in a skip. There are various waste restrictions when it comes to skip disposal so just make sure you know of these before deciding to hire one. However, there are still many ways in which you can dispose of them.

Recycle Them!  

When all the paint and liquid have been removed from the can, you can, in fact, recycle them. Many recycling points around the UK take empty paint cans you’ve just got to call them first to see if you can dispose of them there. However, if there is any paint left in the tin you just need to specify this before handing them over so they can dispose of them correctly and responsibly.