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How To Enhance Recycling Throughout Your Business

By 30 July 2022October 13th, 2022No Comments
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How To Enhance Recycling Throughout Your Business

As a business, you have a responsibility to ensure that you recycle as much waste as possible. So, if you want to boost recycling, there are several things that you can do to make a difference. Many cities across the UK are behind on their sustainability goals, with Southampton currently leading by example.

Carry Out a Waste Audit

A waste audit is a useful tool for understanding the waste that you generate and how much you generate. You then have the ability to understand what you are throwing away and what you need to do to recycle correctly. When you see the results from your audit, you can then ensure that you implement the right changes which will enable you to determine how to get the most from your skip hire while also understanding what needs to be disposed of correctly.

Empower Your Employees

You should do as much as possible to encourage your employees to recycle their waste. Whether it is work-related waste or personal waste, you should ensure that you have separate bins and make them aware of where waste goes. When employees are clear about what is expected of them and what goals you have in place, they will feel motivated to do things differently and that can have a real impact on how you are perceived as a business.

Install More Bins

This might seem obvious but more often than not, employees won’t dispose of waste correctly because they don’t have a bin that is easy to access. They might put all of their waste in one bin when you can make it easier for them to split up their waste based on what kind of waste it is. When you have more bins, your staff will have more opportunities to dispose of their waste in the right way.

Clearly Label Bins

We won’t deny that recycling can prove difficult. After all, with so many products routinely used, how do we know what can and what cannot be recycled? Some plastics can be recycled, whereas some packaging has parts that can be recycled and others that cannot. This can leave people feeling confused and ultimately, they are likely to dispose of it in the easiest way, which is likely to be the nearest bin. If you label your bins clearly and make it known what needs to be placed in them, then you will make it easier for staff to dispose of waste.

Put Your Bins in the Right Place

With enough recycling bins in place, you now need to make sure they are in the right location. Place them next to printers and shredders and make sure there are plenty in the kitchen too. 

When you manage waste in the workplace more efficiently, it will make it easier to determine what needs to be placed in your skip. We do everything possible to recycle as much of the waste that we receive as we can. So, when you place recyclable waste in our skips, it makes it easier for us to help the environment by recycling more products and waste.