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Greedy Boards – Don’t Try to Get Away With Them

Full skip ready for collection in Avonmouth

When you hire a skip, it’s natural to want to get as much value for your money. What this means is that you want to get as much waste into your skip as possible and then some more. You might even find that your skip is slightly too small for the amount of waste you have. As a result, you look to add more waste. However, the height of your skip will determine how much waste it can hold, otherwise, add too much and the waste will spill over the sides but some people think they have a solution – Greedy Boards!

What Are Greedy Boards?

This is not an official term as such but the term has been created by people who add boards to the sides of their skip to add more height. Then with this additional height, they can add more waste which is the reason why they are called greedy boards.

Greedy boards come in many different materials from old doors to old wardrobe panels and even bed bases. These greedy boards are commonly seen on the back of pickup vehicles but when it comes to skips, it’s a no-go.

Why Aren’t Greedy Boards Allowed?

It’s Against the Law – You might think that your skip hire company is being awkward when they refuse to take your skip because of the greedy boards but this is not a policy that is actually enforced by the company. In fact, it is covered under Transport Laws and is upheld by the DVSA. The law states that a skip must be level when it is transported and this means that it is not your skip hire company that will get in trouble but the driver.

The Weight of Waste – Skips are designed to hold a certain amount of waste and weight. This is determined by the size of the skip but it can seem to think that additional waste won’t do any harm. However, overfill your skip by too much and you might find that the skip hire vehicle won’t be able to lift the skip itself. What this will mean is that your skip will have to remain there until you reduce and remove the waste while you might also get charged for holding onto the skip for longer than agreed.

Even if a skip hire vehicle manages to lift your skip, there is the risk that your overloaded skip poses to the public and the driver. While skips are covered in nets, problems can arise when skips are overloaded and this could result in debris being scattered onto roads, which could cause accidents, damage to vehicles and even injury or death to pedestrians.

So, the next time you decide to hire a skip, make sure you hire one that is the right size and don’t be tempted to try out some greedy boards. Your driver will refuse to take the skip and that is going to leave you with problems that you have to deal with, such as a wasted journey charge.