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Can you put plasterboard in a skip? How to dispose of plasterboard the right way

By 17 April 2020October 13th, 2022No Comments
Can I Put `plasterboard in a Skip

Can You Put Plasterboard in a Skip? How to Dispose of Plasterboard the Right Way

Plasterboard is a building material used to make interior walls and ceilings. It has many different names such as: wallboard, gypsum board, wall panels, or drywall. It became a popular alternative to lath and plaster as it was quicker to install. However, the disposal of such material, alongside general mixed waste, can become a serious safety hazard. This is why we ask that only 10% of the rubbish present in your skip hired is filled with plasterboard.

Why Do We Ask You to Bag it Up?

Man Holding a Rubbish Bag

Here at we ask that if you’d like to get rid of your plasterboard waste that not only is it a small quantity, but that it is also bagged up and placed on top, separate to the other rubbish. Why do we ask this? Due to plasterboards gypsum content, it contains lots of sulphates, that when mixed with general waste and rubbish creates a chemical compound known as H2S, hydrogen sulphide. When this is allowed to happen and it gets wet, the plasterboard goes through the process of creating H2S which is called putrefaction. This can be a major public safety risk and is why we ask you to bag it up so we can responsibly and safely dispose of your waste and plasterboard.

H2S Hazards

Testing H2S Hazards

H2S is a very poisonous and corrosive compound. Due to being heavier than air, it collects in large quantities and sits in colourless pools in the environment. Although not visible to the eye, it does give off an awful odour that smells like rotten eggs and can be dangerous and unpleasant to deal with. This can all be avoided if plasterboard is simply bagged up and dealt with in small quantities, as it protects it from the rain and other rubbish.

What if You Have Too Much Plasterboard?

If you have a larger project coming up and are planning to dispose of a large quantity of plasterboard, we can still help! We also offer plasterboard skips, all you have to do is call up and ask. You can call us on 0800 320 2110 and we will be happy to help with any of your needs.

What Other Items Should You Not Put in a Skip?

Plasterboard is one of the items that can become very hazardous if not disposed of in the correct manner. Yet there are also other items of waste that hold a lot of disposal risks. For example, all electrical appliances are forbidden in skips due to the potential hazard that they hold. If you are unsure of what you can or cannot get rid of just head to our Waste Restrictions page to find out. If you are still unsure or just wish to make any other enquiries you can always contact us!