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Can You Put a Mattress in a Skip?

By 16 April 2020October 13th, 2022No Comments
Can I Put a Mattress in a Skip

Can You Put a Mattress in a Skip?

Hiring a skip is one of the most useful ways to dispose of waste quickly and conveniently. However, there are some items that would benefit from being disposed of differently to general mixed waste, such as your mattress. Mattresses are one of the most used household items but also one of the most forgotten about when it comes to replacing them. They are often awkward to transport from one place to another and it can often be confusing to know how to dispose of them. We are happy to dispose of your old mattress responsibly at an extra cost of £45-50+VAT and there are also different avenues you could take to get rid of it. 

Why Does a Mattress Cost Extra?

There are many reasons why a mattress costs extra to dispose of through a skip. One main issue is that it can be a safety issue as normally, due to their large, bulky shape, they stick out above the fill line of the skip making safe transportation a difficulty. Also, it is most likely that the mattress needs to be disposed of differently which is why finding out your neighbour has put theirs in your skip can be an issue. You can visit this link here to see how to prevent other people using your skip. This is one of the main reasons mattresses are the one of the most fly-tipped items. But don’t worry, there are many ways to dispose of your mattress. 

Disposing of Matress

Your Options for Disposing a Mattress

As mentioned before there can be many ways in which you can dispose of your mattress in a responsible manner. Listed below are just a few ways you could go about it. 


Mattresses are 100% recyclable! Find your local recycling centre and give them a quick call to find out whether they take mattresses or not. If not you could always ask for the closest one that does. 


Bed companies advise that a mattress is replaced every 7 years. If you’re deciding to dispose of your mattress before then, why don’t you try to sell it, or donate it to charity? There are many charities, such as homeless shelters and animal rescue centres that would be happy to have it. 

Or we can take it for you!

We strive to dispose of your mattress responsibly and understand that transporting a mattress yourself can be more hassle than it’s worth. We are happy to take it for you whilst also getting rid of anything else you’d like that fits in one of our skips! It’s important to mention to us in your order notes or via telephone if you’d like to dispose of a mattress as we’ll need to apply the charge. 

Disposing Responsibly

What Else Can’t be Disposed of in a Skip?

There are restrictions of what can or can’t be put into a skip for a variety of reasons. Lots of items can be harmful and toxic if disposed alongside general mixed waste that usually is placed into a skip. If you are unsure of what is or is not allowed you can always check out our waste restrictions page.