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Bristol’s Construction Industry, How Are They Returning?

By 3 July 2020October 13th, 2022No Comments
Bristol Re-opening

Bristol’s Construction Industry, How Are They Returning?

There’s a lot of talk about how the construction industry plans to open back up, in areas all over the UK. In Bristol, there is some good news for the construction industry as some companies have been given the go-ahead to start working again, as long as there is extra safety measures put in place. Due to the new ways of working, it does mean everyone is overrun and trying to cope and adapt to the new rules and regulations. So how does Bristol and the UK plan to reopen the construction industry? 

The Confusion

As lockdown started on March 23rd there was lots of confusion with many businesses, especially the construction industry about how much people were allowed to do or not. This lead to lots of businesses closing as this was the best way to comply with the new rules and regulations, and some remaining open with very strict safety rules. 

How Are They Re-opening? 

The government had made it clear in May that they would like to see the construction industry start to open back up if they can do it in a safe and regulated manner. Some companies started to re-open as they thought that they could follow these guidelines such as Redrow in Bristol. After deciding to re-open, they made sure to put in robust safety measures as well as PPE and e-learning induction videos to limit the amount of psychical interaction as possible. 

From what we gathered of the re-opening protocols, the procedure is that, as long as you can be as safe as possible and protect employees and customers at all costs, then you can re-open your business. 

What Have We Done At Reliable Skip Hire Bristol? 

Over the lockdown period, we have been lucky enough to have the chance to stay open this entire time. We have been adapting as we go trying to be as flexible as possible to all the new rules and guidelines being set every week by the government. We’ve wanted to make sure the entire time that everyone stuck at home in Bristol and all over the UK have had the chance to do the DIY they’ve now got time to do. Here is the statement made by the Manager, Paul Knight, at Reliable Skip Hire Bristol, “In recent weeks we’ve seen a welcome increase in inquiries from trade and construction industries. During the lockdown, our team has been working tirelessly to keep up with the demand for residential skips, with a spike likely due to household clearouts, gardening, and general DIY home improvement whilst the residents of Bristol have been stuck at home. Residential skip hire has it’s challenges and often requires longer-term skip hire, so we’ve had the challenge of ensuring we have enough stock to keep up with demand.”

We hope everyone continues to stay safe and healthy at this time.