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5 Key Tips to Follow When Hiring a Skip

By 5 October 2021October 13th, 2022No Comments
Skip Ordering Tips

5 Key Tips to Follow When Hiring a Skip

We here at Reliable Skip want you to get the best out of your skip hire, which is why we want to provide you with the best tips in the business. We will set them all out here so you can come back whenever you’d like and refer to our tips to see if you are hiring a skip most efficiently. Here are our 5 key tips that we would suggest that you try and follow when you have decided to hire a skip to responsibly dispose of all your waste.

1. Waste Carrier License

First, you should ensure that that the company you have chosen to hire from are registered and have a Waste Carriers License. This ensures that your waste will be disposed of correctly and won’t be fly-tipped or sent straight to landfill. It also means that you will receive licensed service and that you won’t have to deal with any awful or illegal services. If you’d like to check if the company you have chosen has a Waste Carriers License you can search the company’s name here.

2. Delivery Location

Before ordering your skip, we also suggest that you make sure there is enough space for the skip to be lowered and placed down in your desired location. There needs to be a minimum of 3m clearance around the skip after being lowered. We’d also like to remind you that the truck transports the skip on the back of the truck. This means that it needs to reverse up to the chosen location and lever the skip off the truck. Unfortunately, it can’t be turned or placed at an angle so keep that in mind when choosing your spot. We understand this can be a tad daunting and encourage you to simply contact us if you are hesitant or need any further information on the placement of your skip.

3. Picking the Right Size

Our third tip is regarding picking the size of your skip. We would always suggest when trying to choose between two sizes, to choose the larger skip. In doing this, you avoid over-filling a smaller skip if you happen to discard more waste than once thought. Over-filling a skip can cause harm to others around and can result in yourself receiving a fine. Also, if you choose the bigger skip first, you avoid having to exchange your skip for a new one which could result in a delay to your project and is also more expensive.

4. Wasted Journey Charges

When the delivery or collection date is looming, what you don’t want to incur is a wasted journey charge. To ensure you aren’t charged for this, make sure that before your skip arrives, your driveway, or other chosen location, is completely clear and ready for the skip. If it is not the driver will have to leave and return, resulting in that charge. This is the same for the collection date too. Even though the skip remains in place if the driver’s access to it is blocked, they will have to leave. They are on a tight schedule and can’t wait around for it to be cleared. If they have to leave without completing their job, this then again results in a wasted journey charge.

5. Heavy Waste

Lastly, if ordering a skip that is 6 cubic yards or less, make sure that you do not fill it with heavy waste. This includes such items as soil, concrete, large tree stumps, etc. This increases the waste of smaller skips dramatically and could mean that the driver’s truck can’t lift the skip onto the truck. Not only does this mess up your schedule for your project, but you’ll then have to empty all the heavy waste so the driver can collect your skip. We know that no one would want to empty what they’ve already gotten rid of so just make sure you’re remaining aware of what is going into your skip!